Common Reasons Why Truck Accidents Occur

Accidents involving the larger trucks often have more complications involved. This is because truck accidents involved massive vehicles carrying thousands of pounds of cargo, and they often destroy much more property and cause more deaths than an ordinary auto accident.There are several common causes of truck accidents

Driver Negligence. One of the leading causes of truck accidents is the negligence of the driver. The primary reason this happens is because the driver is usually under some kind of pressure (either from their employers or self-imposed ) to make their delivery within a certain amount of time and earn more money. This sometimes force drivers to take unnecessary risks when they are on the road. The most common risk a driver takes is violating the FMCSA's rule concerning hours of service , which states that drivers need to take a break to sleep after 11 hours on the road. 

In an effort trying to create time (and also money), many drivers will disregard this rule and drive without sleeping enough. Mostly, this happens at night, when they prefer to be on the road to avoid heavy traffic. Combined with the more adverse night-time driving conditions, this can become a very dangerous situation. 

Bad Weather. Poor weather occurs pretty much any time of the year, nevertheless the winter driving conditions in many parts of the country are the worst. Truck drivers carrying big loads from one end of the country to another often encounter high winds, heavy rain, and in the winter snow and ice storms. Sometimes, drivers are caught not prepared for conditions like these and are unable to make the vehicle adjustments necessary to prevent an accident. Truck Crashes 

Problems with Equipment and Overloading. Some truck drivers fail to keep their vehicles maintained with the proper equipment. This may cause them to be more susceptible to an accident. One of the most important parts of an 18-wheeler truck is the brakes. Because of the obvious consequences of a brake failure, it is absolutely critical that truck drivers maintain their brakes. Truck Accident Lawyers

In fact, it is a requirement for newer trucks to be equipped with automatic slack adjusters that will kick in and pick up the slack if the brake pads are worn or the drums start to expand. However, many of the older vehicles on the road still have manual adjusters, which can be problematic and cause brake failure if they are not checked regularly. Truck Accident Attorneys