Truck accident

There are billions of vehicles using the roadways and highways in this country everyday. One third of those vehicles are large, commercial trucks. With so much traffic on the roads, accidents are going to happen. Accidents between cars can be devastating but truck accidents are even more so. Trucks are considerably bigger than cars and much heavier. The impact from commercial trucks colliding with other vehicles can lead to serious injury and even death. Click here

When accidents happen that involve large trucks, investigators must go through everything in great detail to find out exactly what happened. There are many contributing factors that can cause an accident involving trucks. Learn more

One of the first things they will look into is what happened? Many accidents involving big trucks are caused by driver error. Drivers of smaller vehicles cut into lanes too close to the larger, heavier truck, not allowing the driver of the truck enough room. Underestimating the distance or speed of the other vehicles is also very common. Common causes of truck driver negligence includes inadequate rest breaks, driving too fast and underestimating the weight of their loads. Other causes by either driver can include reckless driving, impaired driving, falling asleep at the wheel, distracted driving such as texting or not paying attention to the other vehicles on the roadway and other forms of negligence. Know more. Read here

External factors include the condition of the truck, faulty manufacturing or repair of the vehicle, damaged or broken parts, freight that has been improperly packed into the truck and road conditions.

Truck accidents are complex and the emotional and physical effects can be devastating. If you are involved in truck accident, your legal experts will help you through the investigation and make sure that you are given a transparent, objective, fair and supportive legal process. Your lawyers will be there to give you legal advice and make sure that all dependents involved are named in any potential lawsuit is handled properly and in accordance with the current laws. Visit site.